Aloysius Choo Kin Kah


Mobile: 012-406 2221
Age : 62 yo (as at 2020).
Why still want to work? : to keep myself strong and my brain working.

Academic Qualification:
Double Major Degree Holder in Computer
Science & Statistics from Campbell
University, North Carolina, USA.

Diploma in Administrative Mgmt from
Inst. of Administrative Management,

Diploma in Data Processing Management
from Inst.Data Processing
Mgmt, UK.(1987)

Pioneer in Local Area Network and
Web-based application systems.

Specialised in Data Centers, Helpdesk
Centers and System Design and

Pioneer in Linux, Novell and Microsoft
servers, email servers & web applications.

A pioneer in computer industry.
Earned an internationally recognized gold medal in System Analysis & Design III in 1986 from the Institute of Data Process Management in UK for being the best student.

He has more than 30 years in Manufacturing and ICT (ERP, Shop Floor Control, MES, Databases, email, internet and servers including Network, Hardware & Software).

From 1977 to 1984 (7 years) he worked as a factory administrator covering almost all the aspect of the company including finance, inventory, HR, material control. He resigned to pursue his Degree of a double major in Computer Science & Statistic for 3 years (1984-1987) of Campbell University, USA.

Since 1987 until now, he is in designing systems for material controls, office automation, school registration and all other systems which involved data processing. He is expert in web database application programs.

Briefly, He has more than 6 years in a management position of a semi-conductor Multi National Corporate (MNC) manufacturer in Prai (Solectron Technology, now Flextronic) with 5 factories having more than 10,000 headcount. He was directly responsible for the entire IT operation of the company's 3 factories (in Bukit Minyak Industrial Zone, Juru, Prai.) in IT network infrastructure, telecommunication, Data Networking, Data Server Center, 24x7operation support both in office and shop floor controls with more than 1000 computer terminals.

I am specialized in cloud based application, implementing training/tuition cloud management systems for online realtime interactive training. And webstore with online payment system.